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IEP Individualized Education Plan Attorney Orlando Florida

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

If your child is having difficulty in school and requires an Individualized Education Plan it's important that you speak with an experienced Special Education Attorney.  Attorney Nikki Childress will assist you in the IEP process and determining the IEP goals.

504 Plan attorney Orlando Florida

504 Plans

Federal laws provide protection for students with physical and mental impairments in public schools.  Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations under a 504 plan.   Special Education Attorney Nikki Childress is experienced in working with 504 plans and achieving appropriate educational outcomes.  

Behavior Assessment attorney Orlando Florida

Behavior Assessments

A functional behavior assessment (FBA) may be required if a child's behavior creates a problem at school.  A behavior intervention plan (BIP) can be developed that addresses the inappropriate behaviors of the student.  It is important that you hire an experienced Special Education Attorney to assist you in this process.  

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